Prolonged use of face mask causes hypoxia

*Be careful*

Prolonged use of the mask produces hypoxia.

Breathing over and over exhaled air turns into carbon dioxide, which is why we feel dizzy.

This intoxicates the user and much more when he must move, carry out displacement actions.

It causes discomfort, loss of reflexes and conscious thought.

It generates great fatigue.

In addition, oxygen deficiency causes glucose breakdown and endangered lactic acid rise.

Some people drive their car with the mask on, that is very dangerous, because, the stale air can make the driver lose consciousness.

It is recommended to use it only if you have someone in front or very close, and it is important to remember to lift it every 10 minutes to continue feeling healthy.

It is counterproductive for people who serve the public for 8 hours, as they are intoxicating themselves without knowing it.

All lives are important.! “
That prevention does not lead you to another problem … let’s use the mask knowingly.

*Dr. Dennis A Castro B*

Why Corona Virus is the Biggest Scam of the Century

According to the famous American Rapper Tom MacDonald, ‘the government has been lying to us, how do we know this is the truth ‘? It’s not….

I called this Media Virus, how can a virus that can be killed by a mere soap and water not have a cure? How can the number of positive cases grow up to 1 million in USA? What is the actual population of United States? Soon the cases will equal the number of population, then we’ll be asking our relatives, Hey man, do you have it? No I don’t, do you? Ghost! 👻 individuals bringing fake news.

In Nigeria, Lagos with the most confirm cases, literally though, because people still haven’t found anyone who agrees to have gotten infected. So literally, those states without cases of Corona Virus has decided not to be part of the political bruhaha. It’s time to say no to this bullshit…

No one, absolutely no one has been affected, nor have seen someone who has been affected, nor have died from it, nor have seen a life footages, videos, or photos claiming it… What they do is, they sent you in doors, so you won’t know what’s happening outside, instruct you to do social distancing so that the only source you have is your phones and electronics. Where they have access to post fake statistics… And the results keep growing like population census…

Together we can stop this nonsense… Real or Not… It begins with you.

I’m your doctor, Dr. Hope